Thieves Hit Our Charity Hard

This morning in broad daylight, our container in Charleey Cake Park was broken into by what could be construed as professionals.  I dont think that it could be chance thieving because an acetylene torch was used.  The main piece of equipment that we have lost is our shredder.  Its sad because this is the time of year that we would have been using it a lot.  Our thanks go to a local shop who gave the alarm which nearly ended up with the thieves beihg caught.  The police arrived approx one minute after they had rushed away.

Why is it that small charties always seem to be the hardest hit.  Although we have insurance cover for the shredder, we do not for the smaller items that have gone.  One of these was a small petrol grass cutter that was gifted to us.  What value do you put on this?


If any one reading this can help with a donation, no matter how small .   We appear on the web page of where you just enter your post code for the charities in your local area


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